Amsterdam, Nederland, March 2018

Advanced Training in the “Lijnbaansgracht 68 studio“, Amsterdam, Nederland.

March 17 -18, 2018.

The theme: Idiopathic Scoliosis – What and Where is it?

Dear colleagues,


In this Advanced we will explore the theme: Idiopathic Scoliosis – What and Where is it?

People are tagged with “scoliosis” and carry it throughout their lives sometimes with a sense of shame or guilt sometimes without understanding the phenomena completely. Most people suffer from it, few require medical intervention.


When and how can the FM help those who suffer from the aesthetic side, pain& uncomfortable sensation? With the help of Moshe Feldenkrais & Yochanan Rywerant this Advanced training will try to deal with these questions. Both in ATM and FI.


In his book “Teaching by Handling” Yochanan writes:” The term applies to a permanent deviation, and one which is not under conscious control.”

Yet he adds:” Here we will deal with the neuro-motor aspect of scoliosis only, and with the way to achieve improvement by increased self-awareness.”

Clara Haskil, the famous pianist was Yochanan’s favorite example of a person with Scoliosis.


Price is 220 Euro for the 2 days (50 Euro in advance by bank transfer) & 150

to be paid cash on the first day. private FI  Euro 90

Hope to see you 17-18/3 in the Lijnbaansgracht 68 studio, Amsterdam, Nederland.

Eytan Mandel

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