Amsterdam, Nederland, March 2017

Location : The “Lijnbaansgracht 68 studio“, Amsterdam, Nederland.

Dates: March 11-12, 2017.


“Any sensory learning depends on perceiving differences in stimuli. A smaller difference might be more easily acceptable as it is felt as being non-intrusive and does not elicit defensive action.”

“In the FM , we also learn by comparing insights from left and right (juxtaposition) and that special way of actually working on one side…”

In this Advanced we will follow the ” Scarlet Thread” which connects the  books of  Yochanan  Rywerant  with Moshe’s  Alexander Yanai ; The Two Hemispheres and  the corpus callosum ; Awareness & Movement  .

Both in A.T.M & F.I we will look for the Weber –Fechner principle,.

In this Advanced we will follow the “Scarlet  Thread ” which connects our way of thinking:

The principles of the Feldenkrais method as described and phrased by  Yochanan  in his book:

“Acquiring the Feldenkrais Profession”.

As usual the price is 200 euro for the 2 days

50 Euro registration fee& prepayment  which will  be returned if the advanced is cancelled by me and will not be returned if participation cancelled, 150 cash on the first day.

+ 90 euro for private FI,  to be paid cash .


Hope to see you,

Eytan Mandel

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