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Eytan Mandel

Feldenkrais Method - Advanced Training Teacher & Trainer Assistant
The hands of a classical pianist…
Born in Tel Aviv 1961, received a B.Mus. degree in piano performance from the Jerusalem Music and dance Academy in 1988.
My Teachers
My Teachers
+ Yochanan’s “communicative touch”…
Completed Yochanan Rywerant’s Feldenkrais training 2006 and again in 2010. Awarded “crossover” certification In 2007 at the Almagor 4th Jerusalem training. Assistant trainer since 2013.
+ Certified and spiced with humor…
Member of the Israeli Feldenkrais Guild. Member of the North American Guild. Member of the Feldenkrais Network International (e.V). Member of the EuroTAB 2009 to 2011.
International Practice
International Practice
= Eytan’s “hand writing”.
Teaches Advanced trainings in Israel Nederland and Switzerland. Teaches ongoing ATM and FI lessons in the Tel Aviv area.

The key to harmonious Movement

The tool is called "AWARNESS"
We act according to our self-image...

We act according to our selfimage. This is the basis on which the Feldenkrais Method creates a process of monitoring and changing voluntary movements. The tool is called "awareness". The moment a person is aware there is a chance of a change. But in order to be aware the person has to have the most detailed selfimage and at the same time an overview of the details as a whole. That is why this method is defined as “somatic learning". "Der mensch ist ein gewonheitstier" which is also a factor to take into consideration. By that we say that awareness is replaced by automat habitual movements. This allows also parts of the image to be forgotten, neglected, misused and misunderstood. Now that we acknowledge the "plasticity of the brain", we can treat the brain as an organ that needs excersise. "Awareness" is a great excresise as it includes imagination, shifts of awareness to different body parts, differentiation of body parts, noises external and internal etc. These exercises increase the selfimage and by that stimulate the brain to keepon learning, be curious and vivid. The Feldenkrais Method can be learnt at any age; one on one "hands-on" lesson called: "functional integration” (F.I.) or group lesson called "awareness through movement" (A.T.M.)

  • # Chance of a change

    # a process of monitoring and changing voluntary movements.

  • # “Somatic learning"

    # detailed selfimage and at the same time an overview.

  • # Stimulate the brain

    # to keepon learning, be curious and vivid.

  • # At any age

    # one on one "hands-on" or group lessons.

Check out schedule (also in Hebrew) for local ongoing F.I. & A.T.M. lessons

Advanced Trainings

Feldenkrais Method practitioners from around the globe can enrich the "tool-box" and broaden the horizon


Articles and Visuals

Publications, Visual Doc. and Recommendations
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Photos and Videos

Repertoire of Themes

Repertoire of Themes as explored in the Advanced Trainings taught by me, both in ATM & FI. Based on Moshe Feldenkrais’s recordings and texts and Yochanan Rywerant’s writings and teaching……

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